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180Solutions has issued a press release in response to blog postings (Edelman, Vitalsecurity, Suzi Turner, Sunbelt) about an illegal driveby install of their product (along with a slew of other adware programs):

180solutions, Inc., the leading provider of Internet search marketing solutions, today became aware of a publisher with an online name of “Sniper84” who hacked its software in a way that caused the company’s notification and consent process to be automatically accepted, denying users the ability to make that choice for themselves.

Despite an unprecedented effort by some industry critics to keep secret the critical information that would have led to a quicker shutdown of the fraudulent behavior, the company, through its own policing mechanisms, was able to track down the nefarious actor responsible and shut him down. This rogue publisher will not receive any payment for these installs and as stated in the Code of Conduct, will be subject to further financial penalties and legal action. 

… “No software is ever hack-proof,” said Keith Smith, co-founder and CEO of 180solutions. “Thanks to our recently-developed S3 technology, we were able to identify the rogue  publisher, immediately shut down the channel, and implement our re-messaging efforts in which every user involved in this exploit will be required to re-opt in to the download of our programs if they wish to keep the software.”  

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Alex Eckelberry