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PDF exploit in action

Naked ladies as bait, one more timeOne of the much-discussed PDF file exploits is circulating in SEO poisoned links. We found it by following links that popped up from a search for “Vanessa Hudgens No Clothes.” (Click on graphic to enlarge)The malcode takes...

Mozilla updates Firefox

Cross-platform vulnerability patched Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser to patch the high-profile vulnerability (CVE-2010-3765) that was discovered Tuesday.Mozilla Security Advisory 2010-73 here. Tom Kelchner

Adobe will fix Shockwave Player today

Adobe has announced that today it will fix the critical vulnerability in the Windows and Macintosh versions of Adobe Shockwave Player (and earlier). The company said it has received reports of active exploitation. The vulnerability (CVE-2010-3653) can...

ThinkPoint rogue has functioning menu

(Which you can use to get rid of it)When you fall victim to the ThinkPoint rogue security application, the downloader reboots your machine then presents the victim with its own scanning screen on what appears to be a Windows blue screen.  (Click graphic to...

MobleMe phishing

A phishing email aimed at MobleMe subscribers is circulating: (click graphic to enlarge)It leads here and this is NOT the real Apple Store: (click graphic to enlarge)Thanks Alex.Tom Kelchner