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Rogue Mania

Rogue Mania brought to you by Innovagest 2000.eAntivirusPro is a new clone of Antivirus XP 2008 rogue security product.Sites used: eantivirus-payment. com218.106.90.227 e-antiviruspro. comA typical FakeScare scanner page used by this group.AntiMalware...

Report blasts online trustmarks

A lengthy, but very interesting write-up on trustmarks (BBB Online, Trust Guard, TRUSTe, etc.). The most important test for privacy protection in the trustmarks environment is the underlying standards or requirements that are applied by each scheme. Perhaps...

World War 3 spam

This is particularly nasty spam pushing a fake codec trojan:If you go to that link, you get to a very convincing site pushing a fake codec.  That CNNWorld was created yesterday, hosted in Iran. Alex Eckelberry