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New rogue: System Security

Fake scareware program, a variant of Winweb Security. (No relation to System Security 2009, a legitimate application.)Sample at netsecurityonline com/downloadsetupws.php (live malware).Alex Eckelberry(Thanks, Patrick Jordan)

Scam alert: “Celebrity Sexy Teeth”

Normally, I write about malware scams.  However, I have been seeing quite a few ads recently along the lines of “Teeth Whiteners Exposed”.  Curious, my scam radar started going off.  I know a fair amount about internet marketing and...

Case study on keyloggers and drop zones

Thorsten Holz, one of our partners in our Sunbelt CWSandbox has published a good paper on the underground economy.We study an active underground economy that trades stolen digital credentials.We present a method with which it is possible to directly analyze the...