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New rogue: MS Antispyware 2009

MS Antispyware 2009 is new rogue from WinSpywareProtect family.Sites Associated193.142.244.217 MsAntispyware2009 com94.247.2.84 Files.Msas2009dl com94.247.2.88 dl.msas2009storage com216.195.42.227 Sales.buymsantispyware2009 comBharath M N

What makes Rustock tick?

Chandra Prakesh, our Antivirus Lab Manager, presented a paper at AVAR this year on Rustock.  PDF here, Powerpoint here. From a research perspective, Rustock is quite interesting, as it is a complex backdoor trojan that turns a compromised system into a covert...

2008 Scareware perspective

Rogue security products, often referred to as “scareware”, are a form of malware that uses scare tactics to make people falsely believe their systems are infected with malware, in exchange for payment.  It’s a form of extortion that we’ve...