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Blogger upgraded

I’ve upgraded to the new Blogger platform. It only took about 8 hours!Feeds seemed to get a bit funky, I noticed a feed from a year ago got blasted out (why, I have no idea). No, I did not blog about the antispyware coalition today — that was a long time ago.Now...

New scam sites

New sites that use fake codecs. These are dnschanger trojans.DNSChanger Codec Sites216.255.181.155 dvds-access(dot)com216.255.181.155 site-ticket(dot)net216.255.186.5 siteticket(dot)netThe following porn sites are foisting off these fake codecs.

Vista cost analysis

Well, quite a read here by  Peter Gutmann:As a user, there is simply no escape.  Whether you use Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Solaris (on x86), or almost any other OS, Windows content protection will make your hardware more...