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Another new rogue antispyware product, designed to rip you off:  SpyMarshal.

A SpySheriff clone, related to BraveSentry and KillAndClean through the same company, Stratex International, (which also markets ScanAndClean and UnspyPC). Dizzy? You should be, it’s not all simple out there.



Identical license agreements show the relationship of “Stratex International.”


Note that KillAndClean and ScanAndClean are all marketed through Digital River’s subsidiary, Regsoft.  Anyone with any contacts there?



One can see that the installations are identical to BraveSentry.  This is a BraveSentry clone.

Spymarshal_designed from bravesentry

Stay away from these.  The latest version of CounterSpy (or the CounterSpy 2.0 beta) should remove them just fine.

Patrick Jordan and Alex Eckelberry