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The hoax that just won’t die

(Image credit:  Gadgetell)There’s been a hoax for quite a while that Dell installs a hardware keylogger (Snopes entry here). Incredibly, Gadgettell just has picked it up, yet again (via Donna). One wonders. Alex Eckelberry

Nautica Apparel website hacked

The Taiwanese version of Nautica Apparel, Inc. has been compromised and is being used to install several pieces of malware on to victim computers. A spam wave is on which attempts to lure potential victims to the site by offering a link to view a video of, err,...

Brilliant insider humor

If you’ve ever dealt with venture capitalists (VCs) , or have spent time as one, you’ll get this humor (and see the “pitch” as well). In fact, you might spill your morning coffee, so put down that cup before going to this site (via Jeff Nolan).Alex Eckelberry(Who was...