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Today Sunbelt released version 4.0 of its major products that are driven by the VIPRE engine. The version 4.0 platform includes new cutting edge anti-malware technology, additional optional features for more layered protection and a new management console for enterprises.

The new VIPRE 4.0 architecture

The 4.0 architecture is an extensive update of Sunbelt Software’s anti-malware technology which is known for its lightening speed and conservative use of system resources. It includes an optional firewall, host intrusion prevention system (HIPS), intrusion detection system (IDS) and a new framework for managing enterprise endpoints.

The version 4.0 Sunbelt Software products are:

VIPRE Antivirus 4.0 – A major update of our VIPRE 3.1 Antivirus + Antispyware product, VIPRE 4.0 has some cool enhancements, including 64-bit rootkit support, support for Scan Extensions in Mozilla Firefox (equivalent to Browser Helper Objects in Internet Explorer) and support for more file types.

VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.0 – This edition – for professionals and consumers –
includes a bi-directional desktop firewall, HIPS, IDS, malicious web filtering, ad blocking and anti-phishing.

VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 – This is VIPRE Enterprise with a brand new management console and new VIPRE 4.0 agents. The management console has support for large enterprise environments with a multi-site tiering model.

VIPRE Enterprise Premium 4.0 – New Enterprise Premium features include a bi-directional desktop firewall, HIPS, IDS and malicious web filtering.

CounterSpy 4.0 and CounterSpy Enterprise 4.0 – CounterSpy is basically VIPRE focused on antispyware protection. CounterSpy has been upgraded with many of the same enhancements as the core VIPRE 4.0 product. CounterSpy Enterprise has been upgraded with the same enhancements in VIPRE Enterprise 4.0 including the new management console and multi-site tiering model.

So, what does CEO Alex Eckelberry have to say about it:

“The evolution and acceleration of malware development over the past five years is unprecedented and requires a fundamental shift in how detection technology is engineered. Many vendors have added layer upon layer of capabilities onto already bloated, outdated anti-malware engines in a flawed attempt to catch up.

“When we released VIPRE, we took a different approach, building a new product entirely on new proprietary next-generation technology. Now, we’ve taken that same technology to the next level with the release of our 4.0 platform, which delivers strong, comprehensive malware protection and continues the performance standard we established with VIPRE.”

Check it out:

Tom Kelchner