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If lawmakers had any idea as to how difficult it is to find top talent anywhere in the US these day, they would never continue to consider this immigration policy — all in the name of anti-terrorism.

Bill Gates, the chairman of Micro­soft, on Wednesday warned that restrictions on the number of skilled workers allowed to enter the US put the country’s competitiveness at risk. (Link here.)

Al-Qaeda did a repulsive thing on 9/11 which cost precious lives and for a short period of time, had catastrophic effects on our economy. But they didn’t win — at least then.

But let’s not forget the real cost of 9/11: Fear and paranoia, increasing suppression of our civil liberties, restrictive travel policies that are affecting our tourism industry, and more of these laws which will directly hamper our ability to be a competitive world leader.

If we continue in this manner, Al-Qaeda can only be pleased —– to take a strong, free, proud and open country and turn it into what it’s rapidly becoming: self-destructively phobic.