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12/3/2008 Correction/Clarification: This is not technically the Ask Toolbar. It’s actually a STOPzilla toolbar that uses Ask search results. More here.

Yet another security vendor succumbs to bundling the Ask Toolbar with their product — and again, pre-selected (and when you go to uninstall the STOPzilla, you’re still left with the Ask Toolbar to uninstall).

This is getting gross.

Stopzilla 12321888


Ask pays handsomely for these bundling arrangements, but is money ever that important that you would treat a customer this way?

It seems most people feel the same way I do — previous comment storms here (Zone Labs) and here (WebRoot). However, there are always the apologists. Feel free to post your opinion.

Alex Eckelberry
(And thank for the heads-up, Scoobie)