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CNet is reporting that Gaotse Security group member Andrew Auernheimer, 24, (also known by the handles “Weev” and “Escher”) was arrested by Fayetteville, Ark., police after officers serving an FBI search warrant at his home allegedly found cocaine, ecstasy and LSD. He faces four felony counts and one misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance.

Last week the Goatse group publicized their hack of AT&T servers and said they had obtained email addresses and cell ID numbers of 114,000 purchasers of the new 3G Apple iPad. The accounts included those of prominent federal government, military, media and corporate officials.

Auernheimer is being held in Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Ark., without bail awaiting a June 18 preliminary hearing. Authorities have not made public the reason for the search warrant.

Story here: “Hacker in AT&T-iPad security case arrested on drug charges”

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Tom Kelchner