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Today, we officially released the consumer version of our all-new CounterSpy 3.1 product. (It’s actually version 3, but due to having to align our version numbering scheme with our Enterprise version, it was released as 3.1).

This is a major upgrade to CounterSpy. All-new threat engine, all new technology — completely re-written from the ground-up for fast performance. As always, none of our products bundle toolbars, our trial versions are full versions, and we provide free support.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. You can always email me your opinions directly.

Users of VIPRE will find the interface familiar — CounterSpy is simply a sub-set of VIPRE, excluding features specific to viruses. CounterSpy customers can upgrade at anytime to the VIPRE product for a small cost.

One small note: Unlike a “silent” preview edition posted last week on our website, this version comes with the On Access feature of Active Protection disabled by default (it can always be re-enabled). This feature will invariably conflict with some antivirus programs’ real-time protection, and since almost everyone runs this product alongside their existing antivirus product, it’s not necessary. A further explanation is in our video tutorial here.

Full company propaganda here.

Alex Eckelberry