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Number of infected web pages is increasing significantly

Dasient web security firm of Palo Alto, Calif., published some dismal numbers on its blog today. The number of infected pages on the web increased significantly in the third quarter and more than a third of infected sites that are fixed are quickly reinfected, they said.

The company said its malware analysis platform found more than 640,000 infected sites with a total of 5.8 million pages in the quarter. They compare that to the three million infected pages that Microsoft reported in the first quarter of the year.

The attacks:

— JavaScript (54.8%)
— iFrame (37.1%)
— “other” (8.1%. )

Needless to say, with that preponderance of JavaScript malware, if you haven’t updated your Adobe Reader and Acrobat installations recently, you might do so.

Dasient blog here.

Tom Kelchner