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Lovely little botnet controller we uncovered a while back:


There are several Help functions:


Roughly translated:

Refresh rate, the length of time (in minutes), through which work will be of investment in Gate of commands (more than the less load on the server)

Command syntax:
start DDoS- attack:
flood type of attack goal

Supported types of attacks :

– icmp
– syn
– udp
– http
– data

The targets may be set ip [???] or domain name, it is also possible to specify multiple goals extraordinary comma;

If you type syn attack, or udp data, the following goals can optionally specify the port number for the attack (or more ports extraordinary comma) if it is not specified, each package will be sent to a random port;

If you type attacks http, after a goal is an option to specify a script, which will be sent GET request (for example : http flood index.php) if the parameter is not specified, the request will be sent to /

stop DDoS- attack:

On fluderov options:

Fluderov packet size in bytes, and the time between sending packages in milliseconds. What time fewer and bigger size, the stronger the attack, but the more likely that the work will get because of exhaustion limit traffic



Alex Eckelberry
(Credit to Sunbelt researcher Adam Thomas)