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I’m almost certain pretending to be the Department of Defense is not a good idea, but then it’s not like a 419 scammer has that many of those in the first place. In fact, they can’t even format an email properly so here’s my best attempt at getting as much of it into the screenshot as I could:

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You’re not missing much after the cutoff, really – just a Mr Allen Bickford asking you to send over your name, address, sex, age, occupation, country, mobile number, landline number and a scan of your ID card.

You know, like you’d do for any random email sent your way. This one does promise you $750,000 in unclaimed funds though. So there’s that.

If you see a “Remittance of Unclaimed Funds” mail arrive in your mailbox from the “Defense Finance and Accounting Services”, with one “Mrs. Patricia Smith” acting as your legal representative then you should safely file it under “Fire into the heart of the Sun”. In fact, you should do that with any random email promising you untold riches.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Wendy)