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With Windows 7 on the roadmap, it would be a great opportunity for Microsoft to tweak UAC so that it actually makes sense. Personally, I think it’s vital from a standpoint of security.

Ed Bott over at ZDNet weighs in on the issue.

“I was all prepared to lay out my modest proposal for how Microsoft should tweak UAC in Windows 7. And then I said, “Hey, wait a minute! I already did this.”

And sure enough, with a little help from Google I was able to reread “How Microsoft can save User Account Control.” which I wrote way back in May 2006, while Vista was still in beta. In that post, I offered four “suggestions that might ease the pain” of UAC. Two years later, I think those recommendations are still valid, so I’m reprinting them here, with a little updated commentary on each one:”

Link here.

Alex Eckelbery