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We’re not in Kansas anymore toto

An affiliate (or affiliates) of FLVDirect has apparently hijacked a domain name server and appropriated the name of a Kansas state government web site to redirect to the FLVDirect page.

*And is it not just Kansas.* There are several others including:

It also appears as though they or someone else has appropriated names of .gov sites to redirect to an adult dating site

Our first example is

Gov_zoo_porn_6_Yahoo results

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It redirects to the notorious FLVDirect adware site. VIPRE detects FLVDirect as Win32.FLVDirectPlayer.


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It looks like their DNS has been hijacked and those sub domains point to servers that are
not under their control:



OrgName: Canaca-com Inc.
Address: 1650 Dundas St East Unit 203
City: Mississauga
StateProv: ON
PostalCode: L4X-2Z3
Country: CA

We found a number of other similar sites domains out there as well, all leading to or


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Adam Thomas and Tom Kelchner