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Here’s a site promising free open source software.

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The site is called “FREEze Frog”, located – as you’ve probably guessed – at Freezefrog(dot)com. All sorts of awesome open source programs are available to download like OpenOffice, 7Zip, Pidgin and more. As the site says, “No signups, no memberships and no tricks. Just point, click, and download the software you want…best of all, they’re all free.”

Free, with a side dish of “additional installs.”

Have at it, OpenOffice!

Wait, Appbundler on the what now?

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Oh. To install this “sponsored version” of OpenOffice, you need to agree to the FREEze Frog offer engine and some (or all) of the following: ShopperReports, QuestScan and blinkx Beat. The site is brought to you by Pinball Corporation, the artist formerly known as Zango. I don’t think you get any added functionality to OpenOffice in return for installing this stuff, so you may be better off just going to the OpenOffice site here and downloading it minus the freebies.

7Zip also came with bundled software, however downloads for VLC Media Player and Pidgin timed out so we can’t say for sure if they also bundle. Seeing as we’re at it anyway: here’s the official Pidgin, VLC and 7Zip websites.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Matthew)