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Over the holidays, I bought myself a Canon Rebel XTi as a Christmas present.  It’s my first digital SLR (I have an analog 35 mm SLR and plenty of digital point and shoots, but never made the leap to digital SLR) and I’ve been learning slowly but surely, with a bit of help from Robert LaFollette, Sunbelt’s creative director (and an uber-guru on photography). 

One area I’ve been playing with is HDR (High Dynamic Range), using PhotoMatix.  I love the effect but there are tricks to learn to do it well.  Of course Robert’s done plenty of HDR and he sent me this incredible HDR photo he took in Miami a few weeks ago.


You can see more of Robert’s pics here.  And if you want to see lots of HDR flicks, there’s also a HDR section on Flickr.

Alex Eckelberry