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Since the early days of the company, Halloween has been a major event here at Sunbelt.  It’s evolved into a highly elaborate ritual which includes a parade down our main drag to the local coffee shop (replete with the locals gawking), a contest for best costume, and then a feast of pizza at lunch.

With so many employees, it’s hard to get all the pictures in here, but here are some choice ones.

A friendly fellow in tech support.  Really, it’s ok — you can call us anytime, toll-free.

Allen McDaniel, lead programmer on our iHateSpam consumer product.  I think he’s been reading too much spam.

No software company is complete without its complement of witches. 

Lucha Libre, Sunbelt style.  More on that later…

People in marketing… never trust them, bloody pirates.


Yes, it’s true.  The clones have arrived.

Taking over the local coffee shop.


That’s Ruthanne in sales.  I guess we need to pay more to our sales people.


The leaning tower of Sunbelt pizza.  

Last year’s Halloween blog post here.

Alex Eckelberry