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hey … Kazaa sez no spywares!!!

Saying “No spyware” is apparently something that Sharman has justified here and here. Sharman has apparently convinced themselves that the definition of Spyware is (drumroll):  a keylogger! 

So Direct Revernue recently did a deal with them.

And now you get Best Offers when installing Kazaa.

So I installed Kazaa and checked the EULA for Best Offers.  Check some of this text out:  

“This software will collect information about websites you access and will use that information to display ads (e.g. pop-ups, search results) on your computer while you surf the web. These adverts are branded with the company name. If you view adult content, the ads may contain adult content.

…the Software may, without any additional notice to you, perform the following: display pop-up ads and various other ad formats of third party advertisers; display links to and advertisements of related websites based on the information you view and the websites you visit; store non-personally identifiable information regarding your Internet browsing and usage habits; redirect certain URLs, including your browser’s default 404-error page; provide advertisements, links or information in response to search terms you use at third-party websites; provide search functionality or capabilities. The Software generally on average will display less than approximately twenty pop-up ads or other ads in other formats during a twenty-four hour period, subject to your cookies not being erased or cleaned, which would distort our ability to count how many ads we have provided to you.

The ads that the Software provides may contain adult content if the Internet web pages you are viewing contain adult content.

…Best Offers does not require you to provide any personally identifiable information …the Software does collect certain types of non-personally identifiable information about individuals who install and use the Software (e.g., IP host address, pages viewed, browser type, clickstream data, ISP and other non- personally identifiable information). None of the information collected is used by Best Offers to identify you personally. The non-personally identifiable data Best Offers does collect is used to provide you the appropriate ads at the appropriate time, as well as to monitor the performance and distribution of the Software.


Additionally, we may share non-personally identifiable, aggregated information with our business partners solely in connection with the provision of services to each other. The use and collection of your information by the Software is in accordance with Best Offers’ privacy policy located at and is incorporated as part of this Agreement…”


So, hmm… we’re getting your IP address and your pages viewed and we’re not spyware since it’s not personally identifiable.  Ok, whatever, another discussion.


But then check out this little freakazoid:


“…There are third parties who are unaffiliated with Best Offers and who may in the future, attempt to install applications or functions onto your computer without first obtaining your consent, or who may have already done so. Some of these third parties may attempt to install a virus, worm, trojan horse and/or other malicious and unwanted agent onto your computer. In order to ensure the safety of your computer, Best Offers may remove the virus, worm or trojan horse from your computer.


These third parties may also attempt to insert particular domain names into your browser’s list of “trusted sites,” make host file changes or manipulate your network communication functionality without first obtaining your consent. By doing so, such third parties may obtain access to your computer as a means to install unwanted or damaging components on your computer.


You understand and agree that Best Offers may flush the list of all trusted sites in your browser from time to time. Thereafter, you may need to re-designate as trusted sites certain web sites that you had previously designated as trusted sites. Best Offers believes this a benefit to you because it enhances the security of your computer and provides you with the ability to choose whether or not to install certain components on your computer.


Some third parties may attempt to disrupt network communications to and from your computer to Best Offers’ servers. This may include the manipulation of either your DNS configuration, or your computer’s host file. If Best Offers believes that a third party is impeding your network communications, we reserve the right to correct the conflict in order to preserve proper communication.”


Alex Eckelberry