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Despite all the hullabaloo, the now-infamous Marin County TAM website, responsible for a federal shutdown of sites, is still not completely clean. While it’s not redirecting to malware or porn anymore, it still has some dirt underneath the fingernails.

You can play your own version of Find Waldo with this: Go to the site, view source and find the hacked links… (need a hint?).

You can also see that their junk is still showing up on Google.


(These links are both dead, but still show up in Google searches).

Ok, so that was fun. But let’s do a little more hunting, shall we?

Using the simple search term sex porn, we now find that has experienced some pwnage of its own:


Going to these pages, we see this:


We find the intersection of jurisprudence and… Viagra!

Just another day in the life of a security company. Something interesting, every day.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to Sunbelt researcher Suzi Turner for the help.)