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At the end of 2006, Klik Revenue (allegedly involved in or condoning all kinds of activities, including rogue antispyware products, fake codec trojans through their Nelroy Ltd. alias, and blackhat SEO) held a party in Prague that could be described as, err, excessive. We blogged about it, with pictures, here.

They recently had another party, this time in Montenegro, at the Bianca Resort Hotel & SPA (more pictures of the spa here).

Borat-style translation of some of the text here:

In the first half of February this year, a meeting of partners and friends group of companies KLIK Team. As expected, the conference has been very vocal and successful. For some people, these were all 3-saturated days, and for those who came to us early in the hotel – a first-week rest. Just this year, we went to 95 men, while planning to travel almost 2 times more participants. This manifested itself in many ways a leap year year, which amended the plans of many wish to come. Nonetheless, 95 people – this is a very large number of participants for this event. Many other crowd and conferences for webmasters, including those that take place in Russia, do not collect and the number of participants. Even despite that, as a rule, their format wider than one team meeting partners.

KLIK Team Party – it is party, which is mostly entertaining and informal. Reports and roundtables – is, of course, interesting, but, in our view, this is the means and the Internet. We love and know how to relax and share it with our friends. Our participants, we have proposed a three-day work and forget about other concerns. Tusovok our program – a full and interesting, and each has its own taste in entertainment, bringing new contacts and expanding business ties. The diverse vacation, especially sports, contests and competitions, banquets and enjoyable communication – that’s what KLIK Team Party. And our tusovkah we meet not only with the webmaster and partners, we have come to our competitors on different fronts. This is a very good trend – we are happy to maintain healthy relationships including those with teams whose interests intersect with ours.
The pictures, as can be expected, show a bacchanalian event filled with typical Klik Revenue excess — cash, cars and, of all things, inflatable love dolls.

It’s good to see that these nice, upstanding boys are having so much fun with their honest, hard-earned money.

Link here to pictures, and another link with more pictures and videos.
And this YouTube video:

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Anthony, Francesco, Adam and Patrick)