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Follow-up to my earlier posts today about fake sites spoofing legitimate ones, Vladzone, the malware gang behind lots of pain, has more treats in store for us. There is another fake site on the same netblock, but with a different IP.  Further research and we have six more fake sites to add to the list:

Exe-prod com   — Impersonates the FCC
Fulldvd org  — Impersonates DVDTown
Pclem com  — Impersonates the Lunar and Planetary Institute
Phpbbscript com  — Impersonates FeedForAll
Planetbudtron net  — Impersonates the Sharper Image.
Queenshussars com –  Impersonates Kings College London

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to sharp-eyed Xavier for this latest catch, as well as MJ and Adam Thomas)