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A tragic story: Jessica (“Jess”) Kalish, an executive at IS3 (makers of the Stopzilla antispyware program) was found brutally murdered last Thursday. Police now allege that Carol Anne Burger, a Huffington Post writer from whom Jess was working through a divorce, killed her by stabbing her multiple times with a screwdriver (Burger has since committed suicide).

I first got to know Jess last December, when I blogged about the StopZilla toolbar’s use of Ask in its search results. She was a gracious, friendly, likeable person with a good sense of humor (and, endearingly, an appreciation of The Bard). Later, I met her in person in DC at the Antispyware Coalition meeting. Her equanimity and affable demeanor clearly brought value to her organization.

All of us here at Sunbelt extend our heartfelt condolences to her family and friends during this difficult and very sad time. I’m sure she will be missed by many.

Alex Eckelberry