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This little gem is probably one of those diagnostic tools that — like BackOrifice and Metasploit Framework — in the right hands is a good diagnostic tool and in the wrong hands is a bad diagnostic tool:

“ – Your free “Swiss Army Knife” for networking, serverchecks and routing with many many little toys and tools for administrators, webmasters, developers, powerusers und security-aware users.

“Tools for webmasters and developers:

“Benchmarks and informations about servers, routing, IP-Stacks, encryption, security, nameservers and domains.

“Tools for powerusers:

“For powerusers offers computing Hashes for strings and files and simply a lot of information about servers, ssl-encryption, domains etc.

“ gathers only public information about servers and networks from publicly available sources or from asking the servers directly.”

It doesn’t exactly build confidence when you find that the ServerSniff “terms of use and acceptable use policy” is a dead link:

Terms of use

Thanks Alex.

Tom Kelchner

Update 03/11:

Alert reader “Guest” pointed out a link where terms of use are available: Looks like it might have been a typo.