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This is surreal. Gas is now so expensive that some older pumps can’t display the prices.

Just like computer engineers couldn’t imagine that their little machines would last until Y2K, the mechanical engineers who designed these pumps back in 1995 when gas was the equivalent of $1.60/gallon apparently couldn’t imagine a day in 2008 when dead dino juice would be this expensive. Unfortunately for customers who patron stations with this antiquated equipment, they aren’t getting their fuel for the price advertised on the pump. Rather, the state’s Weights and Measures program is giving these businesses extra time to upgrade or replace their pumps as long as the actual price of gas is clearly displayed and customers get an explanation of what’s going. For now they’re doing it the old fashioned way, by multiplying the gallons pumped by the price on the sign.

Link here (via TTAC)

Alex Eckelberry