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It seems that when I report an abuse to [email protected], something actually happens. (We’ve all learned to practically give up on abuse mailboxes. Yes, you have to report to them, but you also have to usually do all kinds of other things to get the offending party terminated).

I first learned about MySpace’s generic abuse mailbox when I was posting a while back on a private security forum, looking for takedown assistance. A fellow list member emailed me directly that he’d had (surprisingly) good success with it.

A bit skeptical, I started using that address and was surprised at the response time. This morning, for example, I reported three bad pages to MySpace at 11:18 am EDT. A bit more than 2 hours later, at 1:32 pm EDT, I got a report back from the abuse team that the pages had been taken down.

So while MySpace gets beaten up regularly, I have to admit — their abuse team is responsive.

Alex Eckelberry
(and if your experiences are otherwise, drop a comment)