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While the humble post office will let you send a letter, weigh a parcel and buy the odd newspaper I’m fairly certain they don’t give away free money.

Mine never has, anyway.

With that in mind, I found the following collection of folders and files rather interesting:

files and stuff

There are what appear to be HMRC phish pages asking for credit card info to receive a “482.84 refund”, an unfinished United Airlines page asking for credit card info to receive a “$250 bonus” and a Post Office page.

In case you were wondering, it isn’t offering free newspapers.

phishy fun at the post office
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As you can see, there’s a “£125 bonus” up for grabs, and all you have to do to get your hands on the “Post Office Bonus” is enter your full name, date of birth and…

money, please
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…your payment information. It seems whoever made this couldn’t be bothered using their own images for the most part, as the “Verified by Visa / MasterCard” graphic is hotlinked from the website of popular retailer Argos.

hotlinked images

Here’s some more examples of Argos image pilfering, all of which seem to involve – you’ve guessed it – tax rebate scams. I don’t think the real Post Office website uses images grabbed from Argos and I doubt the HMRC does this either, so right click / view image location may come in handy when faced with an unfamiliar website.

Of course, the best solution is not to go entering payment details on random URLs in the first place – but free money is always tempting. I’d be happy with the free newspaper…

Christopher Boyd