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Patrick Jordan drew our attention to this rogue security product this morning.

Rogues, of course, are fake anti-malware products that confuse victims into believing they are legitimate security software, when actually they infect their computers or do nothing for the purchase price. The “Protection System” rogue takes this confusion one step further by actually searching for a LEGITIMATE anti-malware application on the victim’s computer and tricking him into uninstalling it.

During installation, the Protection System rogue will generate the following message if it detects MalwareBytes.

If a victim clicks “OK,” it will call the MalwareBytes uninstaller and uninstall the software.

After the install, it then asks for your email address.

Then a “thank you” appears as if you actually had purchased the rogue.

To read our white paper “How to Tell If That Pop-Up Window Is Offering You a Rogue Anti-Malware Product” click here.

Tom Kelchner