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You’ve probably heard of Race to Zero (if not, you can get the concept here).

It has not been the most popular thing in the security industry. Eugene Kaspersky (one of the most respected individuals in the industry) was downright vehement against it, as others have been. On the other hand, Virus Bulletin ran an online survey and found that many, in fact, rather like the idea.

Today, another highly respected name in the space, Randy Abrams, weighed in eloquently on the issue:

So what does all of this have to do with the “Race to Zero” and other such ignorant projects? It is not the antivirus companies who are complaining. It is not the sales or marketing departments who are complaining. The PR firms are silent on this. It is the research community who are complaining. It has nothing to do with “embarrassing” an antivirus company. The people who are complaining are the people who are actually trying to do something about the problem. The people who are complaining are the people who will openly acknowledge the limitations of security products and staunchly promote defense in depth. These people also sign their real names to what they say and do not hide behind pseudonyms. We are proud of what we have to say and will openly say exactly who we are.

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry