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Back in November, you may recall that WabiSabiLabi founder Robert Preatoni was arrested in what can only be described as mysterious (or even bizarre) circumstances.

He’s finally talking (a bit) about the arrest.

The case for which I was arrested it’s actually a huge case and believe me, no single news agency was able to picture it completely right. Probably, nobody will ever be able to picture it completely right as it’s a case involving a hundred of arrested people, the Italian Secret Services, the US Secret Services, some Italian corrupted police and financial police officers, some Italian and US investigation companies, a multi-billionaire struggle between Telecom Italia and Brasil Telecom, an extraordinary rendition (kidnapping) of a presumed Islamic terrorist, and last but not least, the suicide (but many say murder) of a Telecom Italia Security top manager. Aside this, the various attempts of the Italian government to take over the control of the Italian main telecommunication carrier.

Link here (via NetworkWorld through Donna).

Alex Eckelberry