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Google Pack — completely legitimate.

Unfortunately, one naughty group is trying to get affiliate commissions from Google by referring customers to download the Google Pack — all to watch a porn movie (I hope that convoluted sentence makes sense).


In this case, one can assume it pays as well or better to push this legitimate application as it is to push malware (I’m sure that these folks would be pushing malware if the money was there, as it’s all about money). Intriguing that Google’s high affiliate commissions are in competition with malware.

If there’s any silver lining, it’s that the customer will install a reasonable good bundle of tools in order to watch their porn.

I suppose it’s better than getting a malware install.

(Google has been contacted about this rogue affiliate and I expect the affiliate will be down very rapidly — Google’s responses on these matters is very rapid.)

Alex Eckelberry
(Credit to Sunbelt researcher Patrick Jordan)