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Last week we blogged about a site that was advertised in spam email that appeared to be either selling rogue security products or else was selling AVG’s FREE antivirus product  (“AV scam: is it a rogue or is it AVG’s free edition for sale?”)
A friend at AVG investigated just a big more and responded:

“LOL look at this:

The eight professional-looking pages (three are nearly identical) on the site all have generic names with all the design elements that are associated with the advertising of real security products: Symantec’s distinctive yellow colors, the shields and use of the year in the name. They’re probably landing pages for a spam email campaign. (Click on any of the graphics to enlarge them.)

 As we said in last-week’s blog piece, we didn’t put in a real credit card number to see what a purchase actually got you. Given what we’ve seen, you really don’t want to go any further.

Thanks Bruce.

Tom Kelchner