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Are rental car companies tracking your every move by GPS?

Thankfully, the Connecticut Supreme Court struck a recent case on this issue down.

Check this idiocy out:

First, let’s look at the Connecticut case. It arose because American Car Rental had a policy of charging its clients $150 for “excessive wear and tear” to the rental car, each time they drove over 79 miles per hour.

“American knew exactly when that occurred because its subsidiary, Acme Rental, used GPS installed in its cars to monitor renters’ speed as they traveled. Whenever GPS reported that the customer drove at least 80mph for more than two minutes at a time, the company charged the customer’s credit or debit card $150.

This happened as follows: Wireless technology transmitted the vehicle’s location, as determined by GPS, to a tracking company. The tracking company faxed the information to Acme, which – with the rental customer’s credit card on file — posted a $150 charge to the card. Sometimes, this process was repeated numerous times. And sometimes, as a result, customers had their credit or debit cards rejected by retailers because their credit limit was exceeded.”

This is just sick

Alex Eckelberry