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The past few days have been a bit of hell. Apparently, this blog (and others) was automatically migrated (by Blogger) to XHTML last Friday, something which has been going on for a while. Unfortunately, there were a couple of problems:

1. No one told us this was going to happen.

2. The migration wiped out our blog template.

Unfortunately, all efforts to restore our blog template failed. Even if we put up a new default Blogger template, it would only stick for a couple of hours, and then *poof*, it would be replaced by a different default Blogger template (unfortunately, usually one with polkadots). And when we reverted to the classic template (which gets rid of the XHTML stuff), we still had this problem. However, Robert LaFollette, our creative director, fiddled with it and finally found a way to make the classic template stick.

And now I think we have this problem nailed.

Alex Eckelberry