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David Linhardt is funny.  Here’s one of his emails that he sent a couple of years ago to the Spamhaus folks:

…You’re not interested in the truth. You just get your rocks off by illegally interfering with legitimate business and illegally restraining trade. It must be a real power rush for you.

I’m sorry God gave you such a small penis. 

(Surprisingly, as a spammer, he passed up a natural opportunity to pitch a solution to this alleged size problem.)    

Anyway, apart from the sophomoric humor value in his emails, Dave did something else funny:  He sued Spamhaus.  And won.  But no one really cares, because it was a default judgment in Illinois and SpamHaus is in the UK (at one time, housed on a houseboat on the Thames river). 

David can join others who claim Spamhaus is a secret group that “tightly controls free speech on the Internet”.  There’s not much else he can do, apart from try and sue in the UK — and I sincerely doubt that he will make that mistake.

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Alex Eckelberry