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If you’re a Tumblr user, be very wary of Tumblr user pages asking you to “Login to see Adult Content”. It’s a scam, and these pages are stealing your credentials.

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“This page contains adult content. Please revalidate your credentials” is what the scam page will say, along with a login box pasted across the middle of the screen.

The big clue that you shouldn’t be logging in is that the logins are located on Tumblr user accounts – randomusernamehere(dot)tumblr(dot)com, for example. You should ONLY ever login on Tumblr(dot)com – anything else could give you a very bad hair day. A snapshot of some traffic once you enter your login details and hit the “scam me now, please” button:


Note tumblr(dot)p4o(dot)net –  the site currently says “This Account may have reached its limit, is suspended or this domain no longer exists.”  However, there seem to be quite a lot of these doing the rounds at the moment so there’s a good chance there will be live ones still out there. Watch who you’re handing your login credentials to…

Christopher Boyd (thanks to Threat Researcher Jovi Umawing for finding this)