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While I was at the VB conference in Vienna a couple of weeks ago, I would occasionally disappear for long periods of time. While most, I’m sure, assumed that I was spending time at the nearby Birdland jazz club (well, I did spend some time there), I was working on a strategic technology partnership with Vienna-based H&S Software. H&S is a technology leader in the area of data retention and archiving.

Today, we announced that partnership officially. The companies will work together on a strategic basis in the areas of email archiving and data retention.

So, I got to kill more than a few birds with one stone: Attend a great conference, do some important business, see some of the sights of Austria and hang out at the Birdland jazz club. All in all, a good trip.

You’ll see more on our plans for email archiving in the coming weeks. It’s enough to say that I’m very excited by this project 😉

Alex Eckelberry