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We’re known for our pursuit of science here.  So I thought I’d bring back a couple of old experiments for your weekend viewing pleasure:

This experiment was an attempt to determine what happens when you put a felt tip marker in the microwave.

And, here’s one where we determined what happens when you drop 50 pounds of silly putty from six stories high.

I hope to put some pictures up soon of another project we’ve been involved in — we bought an 80’s vintage SDI laser a while back, but it’s taken forever to get the thing to work.  This is a very, very large and powerful laser, made for shooting down large objects (e.g. missiles, that sort of thing), so it hasn’t been a trivial task.  We figured we’d use it to shoot products purchased through spam or something.  Hopefully I’ll get some pics up sooner or later.

(It should be noted that Sunbelt’s experiments are always safe, non-toxic and highly respectful of animals, etc.)

Alex Eckelberry