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Earlier this week, we discovered a trojan that encrypts the contents of key files and demands a ransom. Upon some research, we were able to obtain a decryptor that we have been offering at no charge to people who have been infected by this trojan. The tool un-encrypts the files affected by the trojan.

As a result, we’ve had a number of people stumble upon our blog posting and reach out to us. Using this tool, we have been able to help these victims get most, if not all, of their data back.

Here’s a letter we received today in thanks:

It worked!!!!!! You have no idea the relief when I opened the first file that was fixed. You can’t imagine the heartache you’ve helped me avoid!! I had years worth of journals, diet logs, movie reviews, etc that I most likely would never have gotten back without your decrypting tool. That’ll teach me not to keep putting off backing everything up!! Thank you so much!!! Do you accept any sort of donations to your company or your cause?? I’d be more than happy to donate to help continue your work! Thanks again and I hope your tools help others in the future!!

Just in case you’re interested, basically what happened to me is yesterday, an alert popped up on Norton Antivirus saying there was some sort of Backdoor Trojan infecting my computer, but that it couldn’t do anything to resolve it. I rebooted in Safe Mode, did a full scan with Norton, AdAware, and Spyboy and it found NOTHING! So this morning I made the mistake of leaving my computer on when I went to class and when I returned, there was the infamous text document opened up on my desktop asking for $150 (mine was called ASAP!!!.txt) and saying to write to [redacted] for more information on how to proceed. Honestly my first instinct was to take a chance and consider paying them to get my documents decrypted, but I was lucky enough to happen upon your site. Again, let me know if your company accepts donations and where to send them!! THANKS!!!!

To this user: Your letter itself is payment enough.

Alex Eckelberry