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Hands up: who wants a cheap HP Touchpad complete with charging dock and bluetooth keyboard?

Yep, you all do. However, not only does this prospect look a little unlikely due to the ultra scarce stock, you may well find you end up with a little more than you bargained for while searching for one of the few remaining deals knocking around the web.

Should you visit the rather long web address listed below (which may or may not completely ruin my formatting, cross your fingers), you’ll be enticed by the rather awesome offer that includes all of the above for the low, low price of $159.99.


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It sounds like a great deal. However, hit the “Buy” button and this website – which was pulling genuine content from a Tiger Direct page – would use some handy Javascript to load up a Survey box populated with data from fileice(dot)net.

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I must admit, seeing a survey in this instance is somewhat bizarre as typical survey scams involve the affiliate offering freebies in return for a completed survey. I guess they’re banking on the lure of the cheap touchpad being too much for end-users to resist. An example offer:

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Yeah, that’s super. Anyway, at time of writing the site in question appears to be down but I’d imagine others could well be attempting similar scams as stocks dwindle to nothing (assuming that hasn’t already happened).

Time to go back to saving up for an iPad…

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Robert Stetson, and a hat-tip to Stopbadware).