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Be careful if you’re using Twitter Search to find topics of interest, as multiple spambots are pasting links to rogue antivirus sites all over the place at the moment.



It goes without saying that the icons used for said accounts are extremely NSFW (Not Safe for Work), so if you’re using Twitter at work while making use of search you may want to disable images for the time being. Not all the keywords deployed are related to XXX-type material – indeed, the search that revealed the above was simply “free games.”

Click any of the links (various URLs too numerous to mention) and you’ll be bounced around to a number of URLs before settling on

my-securesystem(dot)in (domain just established today.)

Where you’ll be presented with a familiar sight:


If you do end up with something similar to the above on your desktop, don’t panic. Just hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and you’ll close your browser (you may lose the information in your tabs, but it should be easy enough to get it back). Should you accept the download of the executable file and run it, you’ll end up with a fresh version of Security Antivirus (Sunbelt Rogue Blog description here) on your system which isn’t really a good thing:


Take care in Twitterland…

Paper Ghost (Chris Boyd)