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These are unsupported, undocumented… but might be useful to some out there.

To use this, open up a command prompt and go to the CounterSpy program files directory.  In version 1.5, this would be program filessunbeltcounterspyconsumer.

The command line would be Counterspy.exe, followed by one of the parameters:

These are command line switches you can use in CounterSpy version 1.5:

Counterspy.exe [-parameters] [-parameters]

-update: starts a check for updates, and if available, downloads them.  

-scan: scans the system with optional parameter.  

Optional scan parameters:   [-withMainUI]

So, for example, you could type Counterspy.exe -scan -withui -withresultui

Try it, pretty nifty. 


Alex Eckelberry