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As we march forward inexorably into our technology Bold New World, we find cracks in all parts of the plan, continuing to reveal the maxim that the path to hell is littered with good intentions.

Consider the following bizarre video, on one side promoting the benefits of “Talivans” in reducing speeding accidents, and on the other, showing two clear examples where Talivans caused accidents (because drivers going high speed slam on the brakes). Here, via TTAC.

There’s more, as TTAC says:

A UK Department for Transport-funded report suggests that the panic braking seen in the Norfolk footage may not be an uncommon response. A study of speed camera usage in 29 highway construction zone projects over 450 miles of road from November 2001 to July 2003 showed that accidents increased by 55 percent in the locations where speed camera vans were used. The DfT unsuccessfully attempted to prevent publication of the report. even has a slightly risque print campaign on the matter. And there’s even a controversy as to whether or not the speed cameras, errr, actually work correctly.

Alex Eckelberry