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Earlier this week, I blogged about VIPRE, our new antivirus and antispyware product going into beta this week. You can read about it here.

It is now in public beta. To register for the beta, go to and create a user name. After email confirmation, you will be able to go to the forum and download the beta.

We recommend that you disable your existing antivirus product while running VIPRE (although it’s technically possible to run both VIPRE and another antivirus product at the same time, it does create the possibility of performance issues). If you have CounterSpy on your system, you should uninstall CounterSpy first. You do not need CounterSpy with VIPRE running, as VIPRE already includes complete antispyware functionality.

And please, run it through its paces. I’d like as many people as possible pounding on this thing to find bugs 😉

And below are some screen shots:




Alex Eckelberry