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XP mode in Windows 7 is a little bit different. It runs in a virtual environment. The implications in that are pretty big for anti-virus companies since the anti-virus application you are running in Win7 mode doesn’t protect the XP mode partition and vise-versa.

Here at Sunbelt Software the quality assurance group just tested the Win7 XP mode and found that VIPRE runs just fine.

According to Curt Larson, VIPRE/CounterSpy Product Manager:

“XP mode acts like a virtual environment in W7. Scanning in XP mode only scans files in the XP mode session, it does not scan on the W7 box itself. Two copies of VIPRE were installed, one in XP mode, one in W7, both performed properly.

“We are thus compatible with XP mode. Our company policy is a single-user license applies to one box, and any VM sessions on that box. A single-user license is set up to allow multiple installations on one box with W7 and XP mode both running.

“Short answer: ‘We’re compatible with XP mode in W7. License applies per box, not per instance of VIPRE on a box.’”

Tom Kelchner