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A few days ago, a family member was having problems with her email. Since she uses AOL, I figured I’d download AOL Instant Messenger (which I had uninstalled in the past) and use that to IM her the location of a file I wanted her to download.

But as you know, AIM is gone, replaced by Triton, a big fat happy application.  

It also installs AOL Explorer, which you cannot remove through Add/Remove Programs.  And, of course, it puts that irritating “Try AOL Risk Free” entry in your Start menu.

AOL Explorer is basically a skin for Internet Explorer, and provides you no more security than IE.  And I already have IE and Firefox on my home machine, so why would I want a third browser?

Well, after a quick search on Google, I found an entry on Trikenit that explains the painfully obvious way to uninstall AOL Explorer:  You run the uninstallation program that’s located in the program files directory, under AOL, under Explorer.  Thankfully, that’s gone.

And, a comment on Trikenit’s blog alerted me to a place where I can find old versions of AIM.  I went right back to AIM 5.5 (which tries to pre-install WeatherBug and WildTangent, but you just need to opt-out of those if you don’t want them).

Alex Eckelberry