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Some VIPRE® users have notified us that they are getting warnings from the Microsoft Security Center that VIPRE® is incompatible with Microsoft’s Vista SP1. It’s a false alarm. The warning pop-up window looks like this:

The text of the note from Microsoft’s Windows Security Center team is:

“To: Security Center ISV
Subject: RE: Windows Security Center Showing “incompatible” notification for AV on Vista SP1

“We have an update:

“We have determined that for full installs of Windows Vista SP1 (not updates) the grace period is actually starting at the time the build was staged for release, not when Windows was actually installed on the end user’s computer. In these cases, the grace period is ending on July 14, 2009.

“We have developed a tool to fix this issue on affected machines and are currently testing it. The tool extends the grace period through September. Our plan is to have it available by the end of next week.

“We thank you for your continued patience….

Windows Security Center Team

Tom Kelchner